About us

“What do you want to eat?”

One of Humanity’s great questions. One that has ended relationships before they have truly begun. This debate can occur anywhere, at any time, with or without warning. Neither a first date nor a simple office lunch is safe. “What do you want to eat?” It sounds like a reasonable question. We all know it isn’t. But just because you want pizza and they want sushi doesn’t mean you can’t be friends anymore. Pizzeria Maki is here to help!

Our proprietary pizza dough is made in house from the freshest ingredients available. All of our killer pies are cooked in a ridiculously hot oven, crispy fresh and topped with enough tradition and innovation to keep even the pickiest pizza eater happy.

Repetitive sushi got you down? Our sushi menu isn’t just tempura over and over again (we don’t even have a fryer!). We take great pride in creating new sushi combinations and flavor pairings to help keep your relationship with food exciting.

If that doesn’t settle the debate, then grab a salad and eat by yourself (but by all means get two desserts!).

Pizzeria Maki – Problem Solved since 2021